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Some of the stories here will be familiar, some will be new, more will be added as the muses strike. Some of the stories were written under different names and are now gathered together for the first time.

All sorts of stories show up here, but mostly X-Files and Highlander fic.  Various muses can be found wandering about the place, making themselves at home as well as making pests of themselves until a particular story is written.  Mulder has his favorite place by the fire, while Methos lounges somewhere off in the corner, probably near the beer.  Krycek wanders through from time to time.  Diefenbaker and his Mountie have been spotted on occasion. There are even pirates, or at least one pirate in particular, sailing through. I'm not even counting the original characters who keep showing up.  Come in and sit a spell.  Pull up a story and enjoy a quiet read or two.



Please take all ratings seriously. There's a mix of slash, het, and gen fic here. I've given warnings for stories with a R rating or above. If you're under legal age for your area, please do not read anything R or NC-17. The stories aren't going anywhere -- they'll be here when you get back. Link to the stories if you please, but do not archive them.




Newly Hatched Stories


Storm Surge  (PG-13)   -   His AD is trying to drive him to quit, he's dreaming while he's awake, he has a case which refuses to be normal, and Agent Matthew McCormick, an old friend from Quantico, may not be what he seems.  It's not shaping up to be one of Mulder's better months.  This is the latest story set in an alternate universe within Rhi's Highlander universe.  Follows In the Eye of the Storm   New  9-13-07

To Hide a Pebble  (G)  -  Where does a wise man hide a pebble?   Methos joins the Watchers.  (added  12-06-06)

Chance Governs All  (PG-13) -- Mulder takes an unexpected journey to a universe where the paranormal not only exists, it's trying to take over.  (X-Files/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)   (added 11-20-06)

Research Assistance  (G) - The real reason Mulder quit profiling. (XF/Discworld)    (added 11-04-2006)









Gyrfalcon's Stories

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